Fuck Your Thoughts, Fuck Your Prayers, And Especially Fuck Your Warmest Condolences

Playing Politics With People’s Lives

SAN JUAN – As The ORANGE PUPPET scolds the Mayor of San Juan here today, it is impossible to separate politics from what is happening in this nation today. While ORANGE TWITLER continued to deny climate change, he also took a little time for some race bashing and misogyny. See, the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, is a woman of Latin descent. Well, that checks two boxes on T. RUMP’s hate list! So, even though Puerto Rico is part of the United States, it is a “Mexican” part so, no relief for them. And that was not even the worst of it this week. In Las Vegas a psychotic gun nut holed up in the Mandalay Bay hotel and used a machine gun to murder 59 and wound another 527 people at a country music concert. And Banana Republicans, whose champion is the OBOE (Orange Bag Of Excrement), did nothing. Just like every other horrible gun massacre, Banana Republicans decided to blame it on mental health issues. Now, recall that they have been trying to forbid people from receiving mental health care for the last seven years. But, when Congresspeople who collect millions of dollars from the NRA were faced with a choice – admit we have a gun problem, or play the mental health card – suddenly, healthcare was not the worst thing in the world. So, fuck this flaccid government response to the real issues of our time. Climate change is making storms more destructive. People of Latin descent are full-fledged human beings, some are citizens of the United States, and they are entitled to the same protections as all other citizens. And gun control should be an issue every single day, especially those days when people are being murdered by machine guns. Nobody ever killed anybody with a “mental health.” And hollow wishes of solace for the victims of gun violence are meaningless. It may not be possible for Banana Republicans to feel remorse or guilt, but it should be our duty to make sure that they feel shame.


Isn’t this how you salute the flag? I mean the Nazi way…

WASHINGTON – Taking time out from his busy schedule taunting Senators who do not think healthcare should be handed over to a bunch of fat greedy insurors, mocking North Korea because he is too impotent to negotiate with its leader and insulting Puerto Ricans for trusting the Federal Government to protect their protectorate, The OBOE (Orange Bag Of Excrement) took on another new initiative aimed at dividing Americans. While he has praised Nazis (losers), white supremeacists and secessionists (losers) as “very fine people,” he got all up in a lather about Colin Kaepernick and others genuflecting (a sign of reverence in certain spheres) during the DoD sponsored propaganda pageantry which precedes sporting events nowadays. He said that NFL owners should call one of the protesters a “Son of a BITCH” and fire him for exercising his first amendment right to protest. While those kneeling specifically said they were doing it to protest the racial injustice meted out by police on minorities, TWITLER said his hatred and vitriol had nothing to do with race, but was motivated by his love of god and country. Bullshit. The ORANGE VOLCANO OF HATESPEECH couldn’t pick the Stars And Stripes out of a lineup with no other flags present. He couldn’t identify true patriotism to save his life. He believes only in division. He worships his handler Vladimir PUTRID. He despises “foreigners” except for certain Eastern European Mail-Order Brides. He does not want the country unified. If it were possible for him to feel shame, he would resign in disgrace. But alas, although he is a “Son of a BITCH,” he is not our “Son of a BITCH.”

Lyin’ Cryin’ And Nazi Denyin’

Marbles? What marbles?

PHOENIX – Well, that ORANGE SHITBAG held a hate rally here today. Credulous dupes in attendance were exposed to a litany of inane assertions from its sewer pipe of a mouth. The mouth lied about the size of the huge crowd of counter protesters. The mouth wasted forty minutes crying about the big meanies in the news media. It was so boring, even the rednecks left early. The mouth lied about what the mouth itself said after his voters murdered Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. The mouth threatened to shut down the government in a temper tantrum if Congress doesn’t pay for his wall. That’s right, the wall he swore Mexico would fund. It was not clear that even his most dimwitted, most loyal followers were still falling for it. This ORANGE SHITBAG simply has no morals. This ORANGE PUPPET is suffering from dementia. And sadly, Congress and the Cabinet have no spines. So, he is not going anywhere. But, hey, atrial fibrillation, myocardial infarction, cerebral ischemia, and cerebral hemorrhage are still on the table. So, come on, Mother Nature, take your course!

So-Called President Now Has Blood On His Hands

I am a divider! Hatred is all I know!

BEDMINSTER, NJ – After a deadly race riot erupted in Charlottesville, VA, The ORANGE VOLCANO OF HATESPEECH tried to draw a false equivalence between White Supremacists and decent human beings. A Neo-Nazi group organized an ARMED MARCH in Emancipation Park to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. As decent people came to demonstrate against the Fascists, they were met with violent physical assaults and had their lives threatened by Neo-Nazis waving guns in their faces. Then, one of the Nazis rammed his car into a group of innocent bystanders. The Nazi murdered one woman and gravely wounded several others. ORANGE TWITLER tried to blame the innocent bystanders by saying that all sides were equally at fault. He never once mentioned that it was his own people – those he calls his “base” – who were threatening counter-protesters with guns, yelling racial epithets and ultimately, murdering an innocent person. This is the one and only face of the Banana Republican party. There is absolutely no difference of opinion among any people who voted for this enormous BAG OF SHIT. The crocodile tears shed by a few self-appointed apologists after the fact as they tried to put conciliatory words in the So-Called President’s mouth were simply disgusting. He did not utter any conciliatory words. He did not identify White Racists by name. After spending several years screaming at the top of his lungs that President Barack Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton were complicit in terrorism because they did not use the term “Radical Islamic Terrorism” quite enough for his taste, somehow when it was his own people – The Neo-Nazis – suddenly, he couldn’t call them by name. He has been fomenting racial hatred, endorsing division, and advocating violence since he announced his run for office. He spent eight years trying to de-legitimize the first African-American President by claiming that he was not born in The United States. He is a divider. He is a hater. He is morally bankrupt. He is an avid supporter of racial violence. He does not want unity. He does not believe in equality. And as of today, he has innocent blood on his hands. There is no way back.

Kissing PUTRID’S Ass, WTF?

If I say ANYTHING Mr. PUTRID doesn’t like, I’ll be in big, big trouble!

BEDMINSTER, NJ – Still on vacation at one of his sleazy fleabag flophouse resorts, The PUMPKIN BUMPKIN appeared before the press here today. Among the many, many stupid things he said, one stood out above all the rest. After his handler, PUTRID, ejected seven hundred fifty-five diplomats from Moscow, HE ACTUALLY THANKED HIS OVERLORD! That is right, PUTRID HUMILIATED TWITLER, and MANGO MUSSOLINI turned around and thanked him. He obviously colluded with Russia and PUTRID has the goods! There is absolutely no other possible explanation for selling out this nation so embarrassingly. He is a disgrace. He is a traitor. He is a coward. It is now only a matter of time. The FBI predawn raid on Manafort has apparently netted some very incriminating evidence regarding The ORANGE VOLCANO OF HATESPEECH and the Russians. As the investigation closes in on Manafort, he is going to turn state’s evidence. And then, the ORANGE SHITBAG is going down. That is, unless Congress provides notice to Pence that Donald T. RUMP is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office as outlined in the Twenty-Fifth Amendment. In which case, he will be gone even sooner! Let’s hope our long national nightmare is finally drawing to a close!

Fire And Fury And Other Limp-Dicked Bullshit

I can’t get it up so I have to beat my flabby chest!

BEDMINSTER, NJ – The notoriously impotent ORANGE PUPPET did not play well on his hundredth golf outing here today. He sucks at golf just much as he sucks at being President and just as much as he sucks at Real Estate. In an attempt to save face, he decided to threaten Kim Jong Un – formerly the most demented and laughable leader of a nation – with “Fire and Fury” if blah, blah, blah, something about not doing something with a missile or a warhead. Although his rhetoric has become fairly alarming, his staff and underlings have begun admitting in public that they basically just ignore him. Shaking his tiny little fist may make for compelling footage on FAUX NEWS, but after his two hundred days of failure, he is now largely just a caricature of a leader. Gross, fat, simple, and filled with rage. How much longer before the Mueller probe reaches him? For safety’s sake, we had better start building a case against Pence.


Common decency

WASHINGTON – When push came to shove, YAWN MCLAME did the right thing. He joined all forty-eight Democrats and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine in voting against Mitch MCCONMAN’s hate-based repeal of The Affordable Care Act. Well done.


An eye for an eye

WASHINGTON – So-called Maverick (PresidentMORON readers will recall he is really a gelding) YAWN McLAME, got off his death bed to return to the Senate for one last cowardly act. Although he is receiving the best healthcare money can buy at taxpayers’ expense for a glioblastoma, he voted to steal healthcare from up to thirty million Americans. This level of hypocrisy should be astonishing. But, during The Fourth Reich, it is just par for the course. Although we all wish him a speedy recovery, it is nonetheless time for this war horse to step down fade into history.

Editor’s Note: In retrospect, YAWN MCLAME merely voted for a return to regular order. When the final vote came, facing his own mortality, he stood with The American People.

J-RED: A Commie Sympathizer’s Bullshit

Unlike J-RED, snakes actually have spines

WASHINGTON – So, the highly-placed Russian stooge, J-RED-The-Amnesiac, stood in front of a microphone at the White House and lied through his teeth. Since this double agent not noly holds a paid position in the Fourth Reich, but also has a security clearance, this actually constitutes falsification of record under color of authority – a felony. Although lawyers provided a carefully crafted statement full of technical qualifications and weasel-words, the fact remains: J-RED conspired with Russian spies to rig the United States Presidential Election. He tried to tap-dance around the facts, he attempted a little soft-shoe, but in the end, all he did was slither. And for that, just like his patron, ORANGE TWITLER, he deserved to be incarcerated.

Whoopsie Daisies!

Ew, just ew!

WASHINGTON – Son-in-Law and Senior Advisor to TWITLER, J-RED (The Commie Sympathizer) suddenly had to amend his financial disclosure form to add seventy-seven new assets and transactions that he “forgot” when he lied about his contacts with Russia to get his creepy job. There were over ten million dollars worth of assets, and a two-hundred-eighty-seven million dollar loan from a Russian bank received one week before he submitted the form that were “overlooked.” There must be something in the water at the White House that causes severe amnesia, because, nobody, not even a real billionaire should be able to forget a quarter-billion dollar loan in a week. Whoopsie Daisies!