RUMP Tax Return 2005

ROCHESTER – posted these pages from The PUMPKIN BUMPKIN’s 2005 Tax Return today.
It is most likely The ORANGE PUPPET released this himself.

Cover-Ups And Lies

Still croaking, still lying

WASHINGTON – Well, as expected, it turns out that The PUMPKIN BUMPKIN who just accused his predecessor of a FELONY, was once again, just full of shit. There was no effort to “tapp” of THE FIFTH AVENUE HILLBILLY’s shit-box hell-hole. And, what is really going on is that THE ORANGE PUPPET was instructed to get attention off of his handlers in The Kremlin, and hey, picking on Barack Obama is what got him to the party in the first place. No spine, all whine. Can’t wait for the impeachment to begin…


Howler monkeys sound like this

WASHINGTON – Another day, another FAILURE. So, it turns out even some Banana Republicans in the Senate have had twinges of conscience over one nominee. The anti-worker, robot preferring, wage stealing, misogynistic, undocumented worker exploiting, tax dodging, domestic partner abusing Carl’s Jr. CEO. Andrew PUTZER, who ORANGE PUPPET named for Secretary of Labor was just a little too much to stomach. Considering the smorgasbord of disgusting traits, we can only wonder which one was “a fridge too far.”

Da Best People!

Out like FLYNN

WASHINGTON – Well, that didn’t take long. Further cementing his reputation as the least qualified person ever to serve in The Whitehouse, The PUMPKIN BUMPKIN had to FIRE his National Security Advisor, Michael FLYNN, after just twenty-four days! Hell, it happened so fast, we didn’t even have time to come up with a nickname. It turns out FLYNN was colluding with the Russians to undermine United States foreign policy under President Barack Obama; and then, he lied about it to ADOLF TWITLER. The MANGO MUSSOLINI can not pretend he didn’t know. He was directly warned by the Acting Attorney General, Sally Yates, that FLYNN had been bought off by Russia, and was being actively blackmailed about his lies. And, obviously, that was the real reason she was fired. After the colossal FAILURE of his Muslim Ban in Federal Court, the FAILURE of one of his key appointments speaks volumes about the profound incompetence of this train wreck of an administration. He promised he would surround himself with “Da Best People,” and so far, so good!


Five long days can really age a BUMPKIN

WASHINGTON – Looking like absolute hell in between his twit-storms, temper tantrums, self-aggrandizement and lying, The ORANGE VOLCANO OF HATESPEECH did EXACTLY what Banana Republicans told him to do: signing shit to destroy the planet (Keystone XXL and DAPL pipelines), discriminate against women (abortion gag rule), order the destruction of government property (suspension of grants and contracts) and begin an administration-wide cover-up (gag order). So, for today, Putin took his hand out of the ORANGE PUPPET’s ass and LYIN’ RYAN put his hand right in. No wonder The LITTLE DICK-TATOR looks so haggard. A puppet cannot serve two masters. This will not end well, but judging by the looks of things, it may end soon…

So, He Actually LOST!

Does anybody have a tissue?

WASHINGTON – Hapless stooge, SEAN SPITEFUL, had another humiliating episode of “lie or lose your job” today. Asserting that ADOLF TWITLER had secret knowledge of “three to five million illegals voting,” he reinforced the notion that the election was not legitimate. The only possible secret knowledge he could have would be knowledge that three to five million illegals voted for DONALD T. RUMP. Since he lost the popular vote by three million votes, and there were actually five million illegal votes for The PUMPKIN BUMPKIN, he actually would have lost the Electoral College vote too. Since he is refusing to reveal information regarding a massive federal crime, he must be impeached. It is strange that MANGO MUSSOLINI would continue to harp on this, but considering he is so far out of his depth, and about to cause his administration to collapse catastrophically, having this ridiculous fig leaf might be the very thing he needs get out before the shit hits the fan.

Another Day, Another Lie

Pettiness is Presidential, right?

WASHINGTON – The PUMPKIN BUMPKIN met with Congressional leaders here for the first time today. And, because he still doesn’t understand, at seventy years of age, how the world works, rather than make the meeting about anything substantive, he made it all about his creepy little feelings again. He spent the first ten minutes of the meeting blathering on about how he only lost the popular vote because “millions of illegals voted.” Of course, no illegals voted. Just like no thousands and thousands of Muslims were cheering for the collapse of The World Trade Center on rooftops in New Jersey, and just like Barack Obama was not born in Kenya. But that didn’t stop him. The bizarre pathological need to have other people share in the sick delusion that he is successful has once again taken priority over the business of this nation. Because after all, what could possibly be more important for Congressional leaders to discuss than the sadness of a petty, simple-minded, credulous narcissist?

Alternative Facts

I am Cleopatra – Queen of Denial

WASHINGTON – White House Advisor, KELLYANNE CONARTIST appeared on news programs today to repeat the ridiculous lies her BLOATED ORANGE MANCHILD of a boss and his hapless, witless, dishonest henchman, SEAN SPITEFUL made yesterday about turnout for the Coup D’etat. When she was called on the absurdity of the assertions, she said that SPITEFUL had offered “Alternative Facts.” This is a spineless and laughable euphemism. For your edification, MS. CONARTIST, here are some other synonyms for your bullshit: aspersion, backbiting, calumniation, calumny, defamation, detraction, deceit, deception, dishonesty, disinformation, distortion, evasion, fable, fabrication, falsehood, falseness, falsification, falsity, fib, fiction, forgery, fraudulence, guile, hyperbole, inaccuracy, invention, libel, lie, mendacity, misstatement, misrepresentation, myth, obloquy, perjury, prevarication, revilement, reviling, slander, subterfuge, tale, tall story, vilification, whopper. Learn them. They will become your mantra for the next four years.

Surrogate Cry Baby

Whaa! Whaa! Whaaaaaaaaa!

WASHINGTON – While The FIFTH AVENUE HILLBILLY was down at Langley despicably whining about the half-empty National Mall rather than paying attention to the CIA’s briefing on National Security, he also sent out another Cry Baby, Press Secretary SEAN SPITEFUL, to whine to the press and lie about how many people were in attendance at the hate rally (oops, “Inauguration”) yesterday. Today, millions of people across the entire world marched in The Women’s March in protest of the PUMPKIN BUMPKIN’s Coup D’etat. More people in Washington marched today than attended the Coup and more people in hundreds of cities across the nation and around the world turned out in opposition. That did not sit well with the BLOATED ORANGE MANCHILD so he had to have an extra whiner. Lying doesn’t change the facts. Nobody came to the American Carnage shit show, and Millions came to march today. Boo hoo, “ORANGE GENIUS!”


The last refuge of scoundrels

WASHINGTON – After his hate-filled “American Carnage” address standing among a cadre of millionaires and billionaires, after his first official act screwed the middle class out of mortgage insurance premium relief, after he deleted climate change and LGBTQ links from The Whitehouse web site, after he signed an order disabling the Affordable Care Act, and after he identified people at one of his inaugural balls as “ENEMIES,” The PUMPKIN BUMPKIN attended a prayer meeting at The National Cathedral here today. We are not having any of it. He can put his tiny little hand over his stone-cold heart, and he can pretend to be as pious as he wants. But, NOTHING this ORANGE PUPPET does has ANYTHING to do with Jesus, nor ANYTHING to do with Christianity. The naked, abject greed of his cabinet nominees, and his own desperate need to be accepted by rich people (because he is actually broke and in the pocket of Russian oligarchs) flies in the face of every single thing Jesus ever said. You are not fooling anyone, you LITTLE DICK-TATOR!