Very Very Old, Very Very Angry

Ignore reality!  Just be afraid, be very afraid!

Ignore reality! Just be afraid, be very afraid!

ALBUQUERQUE – With just ten days to go, in a virtually empty fairground, an apparently confused and clearly disoriented YAWN MCLAME made an appearance here today. While Barack Obama has been fighting his way through crowds of up to a hundred thousand supporters, MCLAME can not even fill the seats in the front row. Those that did attend were treated to some exquisite ranting about an imaginary plumber. They also heard the sad story about large corporations that are hurting and must be given even more TaxCutsForTheRich. He made sure to let the very few people here know that giving tax cuts to the middle class would be socialism (yes, he is literally still fighting commies in Viet Nam).

But, all in all, as usual, he did not have a single positive notion to convey. He endeavored mightily to convince people that fear is the American way. However, for once, even the few Americans here were not buying it. Yes, he may be very very old, and yes he may be very very angry, but sadly, his message is also just so very very tired.

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