B Is For Bluffing

Why yes, my parents are brother and sister, thank you for asking.

Why yes, my parents are brother and sister, thank you for asking.

PITTSBURGH – When he’s not palling around with terrorists, it seems Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is out encouraging his followers — especially the darkies — to do what they do best, assault white women.

Just kidding. Looks like this crazy “B”, also known as Ashley Todd, made up a phony story about an Obama supporter who attacked her and etched a letter “B” in her face.  The imaginary assailant apparently did not like seeing a YAWN MCLAME sticker on her car. The phony attacker, who was of course black (you can’t be a good Banana Republican without hating some group of people) seemingly didn’t learn the letters properly in his run down urban kindergarten class. It does seem fishy that the letter was obviously done in front of a mirror. This smacks of hillbilly retardation. Does the YAWN MCLAME camp have some sort of retarded version of TURD BLOSSOM working for it? Who else would, or could, come up with such a stupid scheme. Especially when the hick reverses her story after filing a false police report.

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