Would Global Cooling Make Deniers Any Happier?

Relax, Deniers, a storm like this can only cause harm if you believe it can!

WASHINGTON – Banana Republicans are anti-intellectuals and this leads them to be climate change denialists. It is a very strange position to hold. If the problem is just that the conclusion — that the Earth is getting warmer — upsets them so, it raises a question. If climate scientists concluded that the Earth were growing cooler, and that that would lead to drastic changes in sea level, and wild swings in weather, would that really make any difference? And if so, why?

On the other hand, if it is not the conclusion, but rather the premise — that air pollution affects the environment — that offends their sensibilities, there is a simple experiment that any Banana Republican can perform. While other aspects of their anti-science world view may not be readily contradicted by direct observation, this one is easy. If a Banana Republican does not believe in air pollution, the Banana Republican can drive a car into a garage, remain in the car, close the garage door and leave the engine running. In this way, the Banana Republican will be able to see first hand that air pollution has an impact on the environment!

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