Why Is It Only Class Warfare When We Start Fighting Back?

If we keep crying, "Class Warfare," maybe Grover WHOREQUIST will let us keep our jobs!

WASHINGTON – As expected, the anti-intellectual, anti-science, anti-middle-class, Banana Republicans immediately screamed “Class Warfare” as soon as President Obama announced that there would have to be parity in the tax code going forward. They repeated the now thoroughly debunked myth that somehow, upper income tax rates are keeping rich people from hiring middle-class workers. As Warren Buffett has said, if there is class warfare, the upper class is winning. Whereas we have seen middle-class wages stagnate, unemployment skyrocket, and poverty increase by an alarming margin, we have also seen record, tax-free profits for major corporations, and so many TaxCutsForTheRich that they pay lower rates than even the working poor. As it stands, this is a Banana Republic. But, finally, over this issue, we are about to rise up and make a stand for fairness. Beware, John BONER, Mitch McCONMAN, Eric CANTWIN, TEXECUTIONER Rich PERIGEE (the lowest point), Mitt WRONGNEY and Michele BOTCHMANN, this battle has been joined!

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