Government Injections And Mental Retardation

I must have had a Government Injection!

TAMPA – After the debate here on Monday, Michele BOTCHMANN reported that she was approached by an unidentified person who claimed to be the mother of a child who received a Government Injection (whatever that is) in Texas and “suffered from mental retardation thereafter.” Without investigating the claim, she repeated it to national media on two separate occasions. She is apparently incapable of understanding that she should have ascertained whether the child “suffered from mental retardation” beforehand. Sadly, this is due to her lack of a scientific thought process and it has caused her to interpret the anecdote to mean that the Government Injection caused the child to “suffer from mental retardation.”

While nobody on Earth has enough time to explain to her how evolution works, or how pollution could possibly affect the environment, it wouldn’t take that long to show her the CDC figures on the thirty-five million Government Injections distributed in this country. Of those, one twentieth of one percent were associated with any adverse event. Of those, only eight percent were serious. Among the serious events, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, blood clots and death were listed. In no case was an event described as the injectee “suffering from mental retardation thereafter.” And, in no case was the Government Injection identified as the cause of a serious event. Of course, she is known to harbor a hatred of government and therefore harbor a reluctance to accept information from the government (though surprisingly, no reluctance to accept a paycheck from the government!). It is her fear of science that prevents her from accepting the concept of causality, but that should not give her license to repeat provably false assertions. Somebody should REFUDIATE her!

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