Hypocrisy Runs High In The People’s Republic Of Texas

Just like those hurricanes, these fires clearly have a liberal agenda!

BASTROP, TX – Well, once again, TEXECUTIONER, Rick PERIGEE (the lowest point), is caught in a contradiction of his own making. While he has repeatedly threatened to have Texas secede from the United States, and has bashed FEMA as an unconstitutional Federal Government abomination, astonishingly, he is now clamoring for help from that very same agency! Yes, apparently praying for rain, praying that the wildfires stop burning and cutting funding for volunteer fire departments by 75% have not worked. Although to any rational person this would not be news, to PERIGEE, it seems to come as a complete shock (he was reportedly just as surprised when he didn’t fly up into heaven on May 21, 2011 as predicted by the dim-witted televangelist Harold Camping!). So, as this individual maintains his position as the front-runner in the Banana Republican presidential race, conservatives should examine very closely exactly what it is they are about to unleash. Anti-intellectualism, anti-science, and a so-called faith-based world view are not really very effective forms of governance. Sadly, there is no corporate tax rate (regardless of how low) that can put out a fire. There is no benefit that can be taken away from middle-class workers that will cause rain to fall. There are simply some cases where subsidizing oil producers is not a solution. Pity, he was doing so well…

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