Mitt Still WRONGNEY: Laughable Rehash Of The Banana Republican Agenda

When I Say Job, I Mean Snow Job!

LAS VEGAS – Ever Flip-Flopping, Corporatist Empty-Suit, Mitt WRONGNEY, laid out his fifty-nine point plan for “job creation” here today. Surprise, surprise, his entire plan is based on rewarding mega-corporations with lower tax rates, and the lifting of regulations! So, while American corporations are sitting on trillions of dollars in cash, and refusing to hire American workers, the only solution he can offer is more largesse for those very same cash-rich corporations! As he likes to remind people, he worked in the corporate world before he entered politics, so he “understands” business. He neglects to mention that what he did was form a venture capital firm whose primary source of profit was acquiring companies, borrowing against their assets, gutting them and leaving them for dead. For good measure, he also bashed unions, promised to pollute more and promised to pull the healthcare rug out from under the middle class. Remember, when WRONGNEY says he is addressing “the people” he really means he is speaking to corporations because as he has previously stated, “corporations are people.” So, Banana Republicans now have a clear choice: batshit crazy anti-intellectualism (think TEXECUTIONER, Rick PERIGEE and Michele BOTCHMANN), or unadulterated greed. Hooray!

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