Tea-Baggers Get Their Wish

Math is not a family value!

WASHINGTON – As the world reacts to the downgrading of the United States’ S&P credit rating with a bloodbath of financial instrument divestiture, the screaming, delusional, intellectually-challenged Tea-Baggers along with their apparently very, very angry leader, Michele BOTCHMANN, are left with that blood on their hands. These credulous dupes, under the guise of some misguided christianist fundamentalism, have been hoodwinked into trashing the economy by the sponsors of their AstroTurf movement: the Koch brothers. For some reason, Tea-Baggers believe asking the most fortunate Americans to pay any taxes at all is morally offensive. Sadly, every change they demanded to the Federal budget in lieu of tax reform was directly intended to punish the poor, the sick or the elderly (doesn’t their “good book” have something to say about the least among us?). Unfortunately, the current Banana Republican Party is made up of only these two types of people: tax-hating billionaires and functionally illiterate bible-thumping creationist bigots who unwittingly espouse their agenda. This is exactly why we should never let hillbillies run the government.

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