The Banana Republican Platform

NEW YORK – Thus speaketh YAWN MCLAME: “My friends, I can’t talk about the economy, or I’ll lose. My friends, I can’t be seen around President MORON, my friends, or I’ll lose. My friends, I’m not black. My friends, I’ll give more TaxCutsForTheRich. My friends, 100 more years of war. My friends, I have a complete contempt for intellectuals, science and its methods, and thinking in general. My friends, global warming is a myth, as is evolution, the ‘gay gene’, endangered species, and an Earth that’s more than 6000 years old.

“Can’t you see, my friends, that corporations and the wealthy need those tax cuts. Can’t you tell that Reaganomics is working out well for the poor and middle class, my friends? No? Well, then terrorists will get you, my friends. I am not Muslim. I’m not black…please, my friends, don’t elect ‘that one’!”

I guess the last eight years of freedom stripping, constitution shredding, greed loving, war mongering, lying, and treasonous Banana Republican rule is finally beginning to sink in to the collective mind of the American people. According to the latest electoral map by the New York Times, long time red states are now turning to Obama. Even West Virginia, a state the Fuckabee won in the primary, is only “leaning” for McCain now. I guess lying smearing, and preaching to the hatred of the common people will only get you so far. It’s hard to preach change when the populus knows that you would be the third term of the man whose ratings are the lowest ever.

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