Boncentration Bamps

I can't even remember which kind of evil makes me cry more!

I can't even remember which kind of evil makes me cry more!

WARSHINGTON – Well, now that Speaker Nancy Pelosi presided over the House of Representatives’ passing of the Senate’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, all of the nightmares of the Banana Republicans shall come to pass.  For those of you who believe that, as John BONER said, this is Armageddon, be on the lookout for horsemen.  For those of you who watched Glenn Beck (which is apparently not a fictional character that appears on the Cartoon Network right after Scooby-Doo), you are now required to report to your concentration camps.  Do not resist, do not delay, proceed directly to your downtown bus depots where you will be whisked away.  Stop crying, show some dignity.  If you were worried, all of Jesus’ tea has been successfully bagged and your services are no longer needed.  Don’t fret, you will not suffer long, you will be facing the death panels soon enough!

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