Peace Awards, It Seems Like Yesterday…

Obama awarded Peace Prize….Get over it!  And by the way, last time I read a newspaper, Norwegians choose the Nobel, not Swedes…but i digress (and don’t get my info from Fox)  On the other hand, I don’t recall such vitriol when President MORON five years ago awarded the United States* Medal of Freedom (for those of you playing at home, the highest civilian honor bestowed in the name of the American people) to Cheney/Rumsfeld lackeys Tommy Franks, George Tenet and Paul Bremer for their roles in aiding and abetting the insanity of the “warforoil” in Iraq, which coincidentally, and, literally, was dumped on Obama. Arguably the award is a bit premature, but it’s a safe bet that it would have never been awarded to cartoon Disney characters like the Lady & the Tramp -McClain & the Palin.

*”America is the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the Earth… and Sweden sucks.”  (Sean Hannity, Fox News Channel)

President MORON awards Medals of Failure

President MORON awards Medals of Failure

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