Farewell To Hubris

Don't worry, I've been duckin' stuff fer years!

Don't worry, I've been duckin' stuff fer years!

BAGHDAD – President MORON took a “victory” lap of the Green Zone here today. Whereas the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, can travel openly anywhere in Iraq, President MORON still has to sneak in under cover of darkness and hide from the general public. However, even that did not suffice to keep reality from encroaching on President MORON’s delusion. A journalist from a local television station threw his shoes at President MORON — Iraqis regard this as an extreme insult — after President MORON attempted once again to rationalize his war of choice. At the very least, this should be the last of the Hubris Tours as the clock is definitely running out. Come on, January 20th!

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