2A – Admission


It’s the cheesy, tasteless casino rug that proves The TEENY-WEENIE IMPOTUS is not a slob

MAGAT-A-LAGO – While the Department of Justice is busy laying out its case against The OBOE (Orange Bag Of Excrement), The OBOE on the other hand, is changing stories as fast as its fat little fingers can type bullshit into its failed racist rage app. This time, the wheel of idiocy landed on “Well, yes, I did have Top Secret documents stored in a carton, but at least, they were not laid out on the floor! What? A completely voluntary admission of guilt as the premise of an argument, followed by some non-sequitur assertion about a messy evidence photo. Regardless of how much redaction occurs, no rational person could possibly imagine the concern behind the service of a Search Warrant was as to the level of housekeeping. In the image, the unlawfully retained documents are clearly visible. It did not scream de-classified, it did not scream antifa, it did not declare another witch hunt, it admitted to possession of the documents. Res ipsa loquitur (The Thing speaks for Itself)!

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