So, No “Storm” After All

Q-ANUS Just As Stupid As You Thought They Were

WASHINGTON – As a dwindling number of utterly clueless dimwits found out today, the “real” restoration of the TEENY-WEENIE IMPOTUS did not happen. These are fully adult people, many of whom stormed the Capitol to overturn an election in which they did not actually vote (yes, you read that correctly, furious that they lost an election in which they did not participate) who for some reason, still believe in Santa Claus! There is no reason to cut slack, display empathy or give the benefit of any doubt; they really are that gullible. They remain enraged that so far, their racist fever dreams have not brought about a neo-nazi state here in the USA. Remember, due to their pathological racial hatred, the only emotion they can reliably express is anger. They are in a perpetual state of rage. Please take every opportunity to laugh at them, but do be careful: each and every one of them is compensating for a “shortcoming” in the genital region by carrying a gun. They are incapable of logical thought. They live in complete denial of reality.

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