TEENY-WEENIE IMPOTUS Commits Sedition By Inciting Angry White Mob Of TERRORISTS To Storm Capitol. Derelict Police Aid And Abet. FIVE DEAD. This Is On You. There Is Blood On Your Hands. You Are Cop-Killers.

Domestic Terrorism

WASHINGTON – The OBOE (Orange Bag Of Excrement) slithered out toward The Ellipse today to tell a mob of armed “Poor Little Boys” that it invited to town to try to overthrow The Government. He promised them it would be “wild.” That mob then violently invaded the US Capitol, killing a police officer and injuring many others. The dimwitted tRimplodites are still trying to pretend it won the election. It lost. It has been surmised, based on information provided by outsiders, that the Capitol Police were forewarned but their leadership told rank-and-file officers to let the rabble in. While our Senators and Representatives were crouching down on the floor of the House chamber, The OAF OF OFFICE told its followers that it loved them and that they were special (the definition of aid-and-comfort). Fortunately, ultimately, the domestic terrorists were repelled. Orange TWITLER lost that title as Twitter, and Facebook blocked its accounts for violation of their policies forbidding incitement to violence. Although the Congress did reconvene and ultimately count all the Electoral College votes and certify Joe Biden as the next President, Mike Pence still refuses to invoke the 25th Amendment and remove it from office. Impeachment proceedings must begin at once. Again, ALL tRUMP SUPPORTERS now have BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS.

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