New Evidence: Dominion Voting Machines Do Contact Hugo Chavez!

The Ghost In The Machine!

LAS VEGAS – Well, well, well! It turns out the TEENY-WEENIE IMPOTUS and Rudolph GHOUL-IANI were right! For the last few years, the annual Hacking Conference, DefCon, has included a Voting Village where all manner of voting machines are provided for attendees to inspect, disassemble, and hack to their hearts’ content. While many of the wild charges the tRUMPlodites have made have been difficult to prove, this one was easy! It turns out that after disassembling the microcode stored in ALL Dominion Election-Secure voting machines, this one function is, in fact, the smoking gun!

//pentagram seance algorithm
int pentagram_seance_vote_set(int vote) {
    int keep_or_flip = 0; //0=keep, 1=flip
    int candles[5];
    int degrees = 36;
    for (int i=0; i<5; i++) {
        candles[i] = degrees;
        degrees += 72;
    keep_or_flip = contact_chavez(vote);
    return keep_or_flip;

Dead giveaway! Notice how the pentagram of candles is offset exactly enough to be sure the star is pointing downward, unlike the “proper” stars on the good old Confederate Flag!

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