Do Not Be Intimidated!

This is the mark of COWARDS

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Beware! Individuals displaying this flag, are going to be standing outside your polling place. They do not have any authority to harass you, question you, physically challenge you or do anything to suppress your right to vote, and they categorically MAY NOT cause you any physical harm. If you are registered to vote, you MUST vote. Please be advised, they are scared little boys with serious psychological and emotional issues. They are invariably INCELS. They harbor a great deal of rage. They wave guns around to compensate for the humiliating dysfunction and diminutive size of their genitalia. They used to hide their racial hatred and bigotry; but ever since the TEENY-WEENIE IMPOTUS stole the last election, they have declared their animosity loudly and proudly. They represent the worst of this nation. However, this is their last gasp. After tomorrow, they will have to slink back to the shadows and console one another with imaginings of what could have been. The ONLY way they win is if you allow them to intimidate you. Don’t. Instead, exercise your franchise! VOTE!

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