Pirates Snub RIAA

Yo ho ho!  (logo used without permission)

Yo ho ho! (logo used without permission)

MOGADISHU – While pirates are busy attacking ships off the coast here, they are also causing trouble for one of America’s own homegrown pariahs. Whereas the RIAA has tried to convince the rest of the world that saving a copy of an mp3 constitutes piracy, these ship hijackers do not seem to be going along with the plan. Of course, the assaults on maritime commerce are not right in any sense of the word, but neither is prosecuting twelve-year-old girls for sharing files. The RIAA has threatened to sue the Somali pirates over the misappropriation of their favorite pejorative, but so far, they have not convinced even one pirate ship to slow down long enough to be served notice. RIAA CEO, Mitch Bainwol, whined, “First they tried to take away the exorbitant royalties we collect, but never pay to artists; and now, they are trying to imply that fair use of one’s music is not the most heinous act one could call piracy. Besides, I don’t see a parrot or an eye-patch anywhere. These pirates have some nerve!”

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