Therapist Versus The Rapist

She said, he lied

WASHINGTON – Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testified here today before the Senate Judiciary Committee to the sexual assault she suffered at the hands of a black-out drunk Brett CAVALIER while at a party in Bethesda while they were both in High School. Afterwards, the spineless drunken angry nominee to the Supreme Court accused her of participation in a conspiracy to keep him off the bench. He stated that the fact that he perpetrated the assault while he was a high school student was somehow orchestrated by modern-day conspirators. This, along with other typical right-wing thinking simply violates the laws of causality. The Committee is complicit in this cover-up because they refused to order an investigation into the allegations. The nation is in peril, and the continued service of Donald T. RUMP as the unduly elected Resident of the United States has become an existential crisis.

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