Lyin’ Cryin’ And Nazi Denyin’

Marbles? What marbles?

PHOENIX – Well, that ORANGE SHITBAG held a hate rally here today. Credulous dupes in attendance were exposed to a litany of inane assertions from its sewer pipe of a mouth. The mouth lied about the size of the huge crowd of counter protesters. The mouth wasted forty minutes crying about the big meanies in the news media. It was so boring, even the rednecks left early. The mouth lied about what the mouth itself said after his voters murdered Heather Heyer in Charlottesville. The mouth threatened to shut down the government in a temper tantrum if Congress doesn’t pay for his wall. That’s right, the wall he swore Mexico would fund. It was not clear that even his most dimwitted, most loyal followers were still falling for it. This ORANGE SHITBAG simply has no morals. This ORANGE PUPPET is suffering from dementia. And sadly, Congress and the Cabinet have no spines. So, he is not going anywhere. But, hey, atrial fibrillation, myocardial infarction, cerebral ischemia, and cerebral hemorrhage are still on the table. So, come on, Mother Nature, take your course!

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