So-Called President Now Has Blood On His Hands

I am a divider! Hatred is all I know!

BEDMINSTER, NJ – After a deadly race riot erupted in Charlottesville, VA, The ORANGE VOLCANO OF HATESPEECH tried to draw a false equivalence between White Supremacists and decent human beings. A Neo-Nazi group organized an ARMED MARCH in Emancipation Park to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. As decent people came to demonstrate against the Fascists, they were met with violent physical assaults and had their lives threatened by Neo-Nazis waving guns in their faces. Then, one of the Nazis rammed his car into a group of innocent bystanders. The Nazi murdered one woman and gravely wounded several others. ORANGE TWITLER tried to blame the innocent bystanders by saying that all sides were equally at fault. He never once mentioned that it was his own people – those he calls his “base” – who were threatening counter-protesters with guns, yelling racial epithets and ultimately, murdering an innocent person. This is the one and only face of the Banana Republican party. There is absolutely no difference of opinion among any people who voted for this enormous BAG OF SHIT. The crocodile tears shed by a few self-appointed apologists after the fact as they tried to put conciliatory words in the So-Called President’s mouth were simply disgusting. He did not utter any conciliatory words. He did not identify White Racists by name. After spending several years screaming at the top of his lungs that President Barack Obama and Secretary Hillary Clinton were complicit in terrorism because they did not use the term “Radical Islamic Terrorism” quite enough for his taste, somehow when it was his own people – The Neo-Nazis – suddenly, he couldn’t call them by name. He has been fomenting racial hatred, endorsing division, and advocating violence since he announced his run for office. He spent eight years trying to de-legitimize the first African-American President by claiming that he was not born in The United States. He is a divider. He is a hater. He is morally bankrupt. He is an avid supporter of racial violence. He does not want unity. He does not believe in equality. And as of today, he has innocent blood on his hands. There is no way back.

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