J-RED: A Commie Sympathizer’s Bullshit

Unlike J-RED, snakes actually have spines

WASHINGTON – So, the highly-placed Russian stooge, J-RED-The-Amnesiac, stood in front of a microphone at the White House and lied through his teeth. Since this double agent not noly holds a paid position in the Fourth Reich, but also has a security clearance, this actually constitutes falsification of record under color of authority – a felony. Although lawyers provided a carefully crafted statement full of technical qualifications and weasel-words, the fact remains: J-RED conspired with Russian spies to rig the United States Presidential Election. He tried to tap-dance around the facts, he attempted a little soft-shoe, but in the end, all he did was slither. And for that, just like his patron, ORANGE TWITLER, he deserved to be incarcerated.

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