Crooked Kushner Covers Up Collusion With Commies

All in the family

WASHHINGTON – Possibly the least stupid person in the PUMPKIN BUMPKIN’s family (read crime syndicate) Jared Kushner – and yes, that is just as pathetic as it seems – has been caught colluding with Russia to commit espionage against our country. He asked Russian Ambassador Sergei KISSMYASS to let him start using secret Russian communication channels so The ORANGE PUPPET could talk to his mob handlers in Oligarch PUTRID’s Kremlin. Then he covered it up by omitting it from his security disclosure documentation. This is direct evidence of criminal intent. Why would a fat ORANGE VOLCANO OF HATESPEECH need to talk to PUTRID’s henchmen unless they were blackmailing him? And how can credulous BANANA REPUBLICANS let him get away with selling out our country for his own personal gain?

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