We Have Met The Enemy And He Is ORANGE

Doesn’t “Classified” mean “Blab it to Russia?”

WASHINGTON – Holy Geezis! The ORANGE PUPPET is actually spilling State Secrets to Vladimir PUTRID! This is so stupid, it defies credulity. Codeword intelligence we don’t even share with our allies was blurted out by the Conniver-And-Thief in front of Russian diplomat, Sergey KISSMYASS, to keep the Russian gravy train rolling. The profoundly incompetent real estate huckster needs Russian mob money to keep his tawdry flophouses from folding again. And if his puppet masters need the name of “Our Man In Syria,” The PUMPKIN BUMPKIN is eager to oblige. It has to make foreign operatives wary — this Syrian guy will probably wind up dead. But it also has to give pause to our own intelligence community. Self-centered TWITLER is incapable of understanding that the nation has needs greater than his sleazy little shell game. And there is no depth to which he will not sink to satisfy his greed! Is there really no adult supervision at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Is there honestly nobody who can tell him to shut the fuck up? Consider what that says about every single person in that administration.

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