The Impotent Rage of a feckless halfwit

WASHINGTON – Failure. Sixty Four days in and The ORANGE PUPPET showed just how much power those little temper tantrums really hold. The QUITTER-IN-CHIEF could not even get his signature piece of legislation, repealing the ACA, to a vote in The House – a House that has voted for that legislation some fifty four times over the last seven years. He tried for seventeen whole days. They say he gave it his all (hey, Banana Republicans, are you proud that your hero only has seventeen days of fight in him?). Then, like the narcissist he is, he just quit. He stamped his feet, shook his tiny fists, told all the big mean Congresspeople that he would huff and puff and something, something… Didn’t work. Apparently, once you get up close, that ORANGE VOLCANO OF HATESPEECH isn’t so scary after all. Maybe it is just that he couldn’t possibly twitter out enough vitriol to hurt them all, or maybe it is because his incompetence is simply too monumental to overlook (“No one knew that healthcare would be so complicated!”). But either way, it is failure. “The Art Of The Deal,” hah! Failure.

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