Look at the temper in this one! Somebody needs a time-out! Or a nap…

WASHINGTON – The wheels are falling off. The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s investigation into The ORANGE PUPPET’s collusion with Russia has descended into chaos. Evidence of The PUMPKIN BUMPKIN’s involvement is so direct that Committee Chair Devin Nunes had to run to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to obstruct justice by letting swindler Donald T. RUMP know that it’s over. Since Nunes is clearly derelict in the performance of his duty, it must have been important. At the same time the Banana Republican Chairman was warning TWITLER, and then disclosing classified information to the press, the Democratic Ranking Member, Adam Schiff, was telling the public that the evidence is more than circumstantial. RUMP’s Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort, has been on the take from a Russian mobster for years. And, now there is a phone call with RUMP, Manafort and The Russian mob all together. Let’s get that Special Prosecutor started now. Oh, and remember, he is trying to destroy the ACA this week, and he may not even be able to get his bill through The House. Guess he was right, guess he was getting sick of winning, because he is not winning anymore!

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