So, He Actually LOST!

Does anybody have a tissue?

WASHINGTON – Hapless stooge, SEAN SPITEFUL, had another humiliating episode of “lie or lose your job” today. Asserting that ADOLF TWITLER had secret knowledge of “three to five million illegals voting,” he reinforced the notion that the election was not legitimate. The only possible secret knowledge he could have would be knowledge that three to five million illegals voted for DONALD T. RUMP. Since he lost the popular vote by three million votes, and there were actually five million illegal votes for The PUMPKIN BUMPKIN, he actually would have lost the Electoral College vote too. Since he is refusing to reveal information regarding a massive federal crime, he must be impeached. It is strange that MANGO MUSSOLINI would continue to harp on this, but considering he is so far out of his depth, and about to cause his administration to collapse catastrophically, having this ridiculous fig leaf might be the very thing he needs get out before the shit hits the fan.

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