Another Day, Another Lie

Pettiness is Presidential, right?

WASHINGTON – The PUMPKIN BUMPKIN met with Congressional leaders here for the first time today. And, because he still doesn’t understand, at seventy years of age, how the world works, rather than make the meeting about anything substantive, he made it all about his creepy little feelings again. He spent the first ten minutes of the meeting blathering on about how he only lost the popular vote because “millions of illegals voted.” Of course, no illegals voted. Just like no thousands and thousands of Muslims were cheering for the collapse of The World Trade Center on rooftops in New Jersey, and just like Barack Obama was not born in Kenya. But that didn’t stop him. The bizarre pathological need to have other people share in the sick delusion that he is successful has once again taken priority over the business of this nation. Because after all, what could possibly be more important for Congressional leaders to discuss than the sadness of a petty, simple-minded, credulous narcissist?

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