Go Franken, GO!

Al Franken

Senator (if all votes are counted) Al Franken

MINNESOTA – After a long and arduous campaign, Al Franken is within a few hundred votes of becoming “The Honorable Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken”. There are still three undecided races in the senate, one in Alaska (The dishonorable, and convicted, Ted “Series Of Tubes!” Stevens), a close race in Georgia (where the winner must get 51% of the vote), and, of course, Minnesota. If these three races are won by democrats, we will have an “unbreakable majority” of 60 votes.

With the democrat pulling slightly ahead of the convict in Alaska, and the race in Minnesota also becoming very close, we just may make it. If there is not 51% in Georgia, there is no clear winner. A runoff race seems to be in their near future.

You would think that the losses of the Banana Republican seats in congress in the 2006 midterm elections would have taught them to back off with their “with us or against us” policy, but apparently, they are incapable of learning.

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