Misogyny Writ Large

It was just a "Simple  Battery"

It was just a “Simple Battery”

JUPITER – Corey Lewandowski, the creepy Campaign manager for Four-Time-Bankrupt Swindler, Donald T. RUMP was arrested here today and charged with simple battery against a reporter, Michelle Fields. Even though Fields sustained bruises during the incident, and even though there is clear video evidence which was recorded by the orange-faced fascist’s own campaign, the jiggly-joweled egomaniac is actually attempting to deny it happened suggesting that Fields had inflicted the bruises on herself for some reason. The hatred and mistreatment of women within the campaign has once again reached the level of physical violence (remember, CARIBOU BARBIE feels that beating up women is a good way to send messages to the President). But, for the would-be bloviator-in-chief, it is just business as usual. RUMP bellowed, “Corey is an obedient servant who can beat up any woman half his size!”

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