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What part of HATE are you not getting?

What part of HATE are you not getting?

JUPITER – During an interview on CNN today, Four-Time-Bankrupt Swindler, Donald T. RUMP, outdid himself. He hate-splained that the reason he HATES all Muslims is because “Islam Hates Us.” This is the kind of circular logic that only works if you are prancing around in a white hood with a gun in your hand. While his devotees are out physically assaulting anybody at his hate rallies that appears to be non-white, he is actively fanning the flames. The bizarre transfer of his hatred of Muslims onto the the Muslims themselves is a typical bully tactic. He can rationalize his infantile behavior by screaming that he had no choice. The thin skin and maniacal sensitivity to even the most inconsequential slight is going to make it very difficult for the nation to follow him when he occupies The White House. Considering how often the targets of his ire change and considering how nonchalantly he advocates torture, even with the full might of the US Military behind him, he will eventually run out of resources. Are Muslim members of the Armed Forces supposed to torture themselves? Are they expected to “self-deport” to Guantanamo Bay? How, exactly, is all of this supposed to work? Will anybody have time for family, work, leisure and innovation, or will we all be pressed into service either torturing or being tortured? For all of you angry white males supporting this campaign, do you have any idea how you will live after you have rounded up, beaten, tortured or deported all of your perceived enemies? Do you not see that once all Mexicans, Muslims, women, “The Blacks” and Catholics are gone, and all that is left is a bunch of angry gun-wielding white men, you will have to turn on each other? Making America HATE again is not going to be very economically productive. So, as scarcity sets in, which of your brethren under the hoods, shoulder-to-shoulder with you right now, will be your undoing? How will you be able to tell before it is too late?

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