Now It’s Called Unity

This is how it's done

This is how it’s done

JUPITER – At a press conference here today, Four-Time-Bankrupt Swindler, Donald T. RUMP stated that he now wants to “unify” the Banana Republican party. That means all “Poorly-Educated” white men, all gun-damentalist white men, all middle-class white men with hearts full of bigotry and all rich white douchebags (like the Swindler himself) can join together in hatred. As long as Mexicans, Muslims, women, “The Blacks” and Catholics, are not among them, there will be unity! He promised that for this group, he would be “more presidential than anyone!” Who knew that the first presidential issue on the minds of all of these diverse groups of white men would be the size of their candidate’s genitalia? This is going to be one wild ride!

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