Pissing Match And More!

Let's settle this!  Go get a ruler!

Let’s settle this! Go get a ruler!

DETROIT – At the Banana Republican debate here last night, the “boys” outdid themselves. First, apparently a very important topic to Four-Time-Bankrupt Swindler, Donald T. RUMP, was covered: the size of his genitalia. RUMP said the size was not a problem, but he said it twice, so you know it was a lie. The rest of the evening was equally juvenile with the three leading candidates behaving like petulant children. There was the usual bluster: Barack Obama bad, war good, taxes bad, Mexicans, Muslims and women bad (?), torture manly. But, there was no real discussion of substance. And that is it. If you are a Banana Republican, you must now make your choice based on your limited knowledge of your candidates’ behavior. Behavior they should have outgrown some forty or fifty years ago. Mind you, if all you care about is hatred, maybe those grown-up topics wouldn’t sway you one way or another. So, take pride in your slate of candidates, they have your number!

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