Takes One To Know One

Losers know about losing!

Losers know about losing!

SALT LAKE CITY – Former Banana Republican candidate, Mitt WRONGNEY, was exhumed today to deliver a cogent criticism of Four-Time-Bankrupt Swindler, Donald T. RUMP. The general message was that RUMP is not trustworthy, that he is a poor businessperson, and as has been expressed here repeatedly, that RUMP is a swindler. Many, many of the facts WRONGNEY cited made his argument quite compelling. The argument was so compelling that the first thing RUMP said was that it was “irrelevant.” Subsequently, RUMP — who claims to have, “Da highest IQ evah!” — spent twenty minutes refuting the irrelevancies. Whereas WRONGNEY asserted that RUMP does not have the temperament to be president, RUMP showed him! He stated that WRONGNEY was a “Dooh-Dooh Head” and warned him that he had better watch himself if he comes to the playground during recess! This astonishingly mature outburst from the Banana Republican frontrunner certainly put to rest any questions about his emotional maturity and fitness to serve.

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