Make America HATE Again

Blind Rage is totally Presidential!

Blind Rage is totally Presidential!

DES MOINES – As Banana Republicans prepare to caucus here tomorrow, there is a significant change in the offing. The candidate they are about to choose, Four-Time-Bankrupt Swindler, Donald T. RUMP, is fanning the flames of hatred and racial animus. He hates Latinos and hates being called a xenophobe. He hates “The Blacks” and hates being called a racist. He hates Muslims and hates being called a bigot. He hates women and hates being called a misogynist. That is a lot of hate. Essentially, the only thing he does not hate is bullying others. But he is so thin-skinned that he can not handle others calling him a bully. He has exhibited a profound lack of understanding of our system of government. Although he dodged the draft in his youth, he has no qualms about suggesting other Americans go fight a dirty war on his behalf. Multiple white supremacist groups have endorsed him. And, low-information, angry, white, middle-class males are eating it up! There is no other candidate in either party who can manipulate the media the way he does. And, sadly, that manipulation is being used to make hatred acceptable. His narcissism appears to these disaffected voters to be strength. But he has a “tell.” When he is lying, he repeats himself. Check out every speech, television interview, and telephone conversation he has made during this campaign. WHENEVER he repeats the same assertion twice, he is conscious of his deception. He can not hide it. And, some day, Americans will wake up. Let us just hope it happens before Tuesday, November Eighth! Then and only then will we be able to rise above this hatred and “Make America Great Again” instead.

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