Donald T. RUMP Can’t Insult His Way Into FAUX News Debate

I HATE women who say I'm a misogynist!

I HATE women who say I’m a misogynist!

DES MOINES – After his last tussle with FAUX News Anchor, Megyn Kelly, Four-Time-Bankrupt Swindler, Donald T. RUMP is afraid of a rematch. Of all the charges leveled at him by all the various accusers, it seems the one he can not escape is that he is an abject misogynist. After Kelly asked him about his disgustingly sexist remarks about women, he actually tried to dismiss her query by implying that she was menstruating. Thus, ironically, proving her point. He thought that would be that. But, FAUX News is hosting another debate here on Thursday. And Megyn Kelly will be a moderator. Donald T. RUMP tried throwing a temper tantrum to get Kelly replaced as moderator, but FAUX News didn’t budge. So, the PantsWetter-In-Chief now has to add Megyn Kelly to the list of big scary people from whom he must hide. He is actually refusing to appear in the debate because someone has chosen to stand up to his bullying. And like all bullies, when his bluff was called, he scurried off with his tail between his legs. This is the type of leadership Banana Republicans want for America.

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