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Thinkin' of flyin' south to CRAWFISH fer the winter!

Thinkin' of flyin' south to CRAWFISH fer the Winter

WARSHINGTON – President MORON has ten more weeks. However, short of starting another war in Iran, there is really nothing left for him to destroy. As the failures of the past eight years pile up on the doorstep of The MORONARCHY, President MORON himself should feel a sense of pride at his perfect Anti-Midas Touch.

He destroyed everything he touched. From the failure of imagination regarding the hijackings in 2001, to the failure to capture Osama bin Laden, to the failure to win a war against a dead guy in Iraq, to the failure to uphold the Geneva Conventions in Guantanamo Bay, to the doubling of the National Debt (yes he borrowed as much money as every single president that came before him combined), to the failure to create any jobs at all in eight years, to the failure to clean up after a rain-storm in New Orleans, to the failure to provide health care for forty-seven million citizens, to the failure to protect The Constitution by spying on Americans, to the failure to protect National Security by outing Valerie Plame as a CIA operative, to the failure to oversee the banking industry which resulted in over a trillion dollars of taxpayer money being used to bail out corrupt investment houses; he has lied, cheated, stolen, tortured and killed his way through the darkest period in American history.

There were: The LAURON, “Whaddya Mean It’s A Fake ID” Jenna, RUMMY, “Let The Eagle Sore” ASSCROFT and The TORTURER from The Department Formerly Know as Justice, TURD BLOSSOM, Sexretary of State CONVOLUTED LIES, Tony SNOWJOB, Supreme Court Justice SCALITO, Failed Judicial Nominee Harriet The SPY, COLON Powell, YAWN MCLAME, TaxCutsForTheRich, The POOP (Petrochemical Ownership Of Presidency), The HUBRIS Tours, some six-hundred thousand innocent dead Iraqis, and over four thousand dead troops.

There was the black eye from the drunken pretzel choke.

There was The DICK emerging from his undisclosed location in a drunken stupor to shoot his hunting buddy in the face.

It went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

No duck has ever been more deservedly lame.

Game over, President MORON!

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