CARIBOU BARBIE Claims Son Beat Up A Woman To Teach Obama A Lesson

That'll show 'im!

That’ll show ‘im!

TULSA – At another hate-fueled rally for Four-Time-Bankrupt Swindler, Donald T. RUMP, CARIBOU BARBIE explained that her drunken son beat up his girlfriend to teach Obama a lesson about “respect.” He served in the Army under President MORON and now suffers from PTSD. Somehow, CARIBOU BARBIE determined that the welfare of the battered woman (not a single word of sympathy for her) was not as important as turning her son’s infirmity into a political football. This is what passes for political dialogue in the Banana Republican party today. The candidate mocks the infirm and his surrogate advocates violence against women as a way to send messages to the President. These people are truly fucking sick.

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