Radical Mormon Fundamentalist Terrorists

OWL QAEDA's COWliphate

OWL QAEDA’s COWliphate

MALHEUR NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE – As intent as Banana Republicans are on having us refer to ISIS as Radical Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists, it behooves us to return the favor. Even though there is absolutely nothing within Mormon teachings about taking up arms against the Federal Government, just the mere fact that the OWL QAEDA occupiers here were raised in the Mormon faith taints all adherents of that religion. After all, in T. RUMP’s America, if one practitioner of a religion is a terrorist, all practitioners of that religion are terrorists. So, as these Gun-Loving Right-Wing NutJobs work to establish their new COWliphate, we must all call upon Donald T. RUMP to start building a wall around Oregon and make Cliven Bundy and his hateful spawn, Ammon, pay for it. Just until we “figure out what the hell is going on.”

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