For Santa Monica, Wayne LaPierre Will Burn In Hell

How dare you demand safety!  Gun nuts are the only people with rights!

How dare you demand safety! Gun nuts are the only people with rights!

SANTA MONICA – It has happened again. Some stupid fucking spineless piece-of-shit gun nut has gone on a rampage killing five and wounding several more. This douchebag had a history of mental illness, and the NRA’s Wayne “Shoot ‘Em All” LaPierre gave him a machine gun. He personally provided the gunman with over a thousand bullets, and told him it was his right to go on a killing spree. Immediately after police shot the mass murderer to death, LaPierre proclaimed that the only problem with the whole incident was that there were not enough guns involved. “If only the murderer’s father and brother had guns, if only the driver who was shot in her car had a gun, if only the carjacking victim had a gun, if only each and every one of the people on the bus had a gun, if only the father and daughter who were killed in their car had guns, and if only the woman slain in front of the Santa Monica College Library had a gun, then it would have been a perfect day,” LaPierre said. He lamented that, although it was his desire to give every American a gun, he only had the wherewithal to arm the angry, the cowardly and the insane. All NRA members now have the blood of six more dead on their hands.

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