Congress Says, “Sequestration For Others, Not For Us!”

Austerity is intended to punish citizens, not the ruling class!

Austerity is intended to punish citizens, not the ruling class!

WASHINGTON – In case there was any doubt, The US House of Representatives and The US Senate serve themselves above all others. This week, owing to the fact that they all have to fly, Congress acted with a remarkable level of cohesion to correct the part of the sequestration that actually affected them. Even though there is a momentary delay due to a typographical error, they are still on track to produce a bill for The President to sign in only three working days. The bill will restore funding for Air-Traffic Controllers who have recently been furloughed to comply with the draconian spending cuts engineered by the Banana Republicans to punish Americans for whatever sin it is that we all committed. As the sequestration started, Banana Repulicans were crowing about how cutting government spending would cause no harm. To a Banana Republican, losing access to Head-Start, losing unemployment benefits, enduring cuts in Medicare, or eliminating Scientific Research are not harmful. This is because Banana Republicans do not represent any people who need Head-Start, they do not represent anybody who collects unemployment, they don not represent the elderly or anyone else entitled to Medicare, and they simply don’t acknowledge Science as a valuable intellectual endeavor. But somehow, miraculously, when they themselves are inconvenienced, they are able to pass a bill. It is as if their single-digit approval rating is not a mark of shame but rather, a badge of honor.

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