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They Must Have Rigged The Hell Out Of This Recall Election



SACRAMENTO – Well, the recall election went down in flames! Apparently, Californians did not want to replace their extremely successful governor with a dim-witted conspiracy-spouting Uncle Tom who thinks slave owners should receive reparations. The election was so lopsided it could be called “Elder Abuse!”

Oh, and by the way, who was Larry ELDER? I don’t “recall…”

Of course, the OBOE (Orange Bag of Excrement) said the election was rigged. But, surprisingly, even though he was whining about fraud before the polls opened, even Larry HELLDER had to acknowledge that the election was free and fair! Who would have thought it?

VOTE, California, VOTE!


SACRAMENTO – Vote, California, Vote.
Vote, Vote, Vote.
Vote NO On The Recall,
Keep Gavin Newsom,
VOTE, California, VOTE!

California Recall: Larry HELLDER Conceding Election And Crying Fraud The Day BEFORE Polls Open


Literally crying foul BEFORE the election

SACRAMENTO – As Rachel Maddow is reporting tonight, the California recall challenger Larry HELLDER has already started crying about an election that will occur tomorrow. From his whiny little website, he is threatening violence (the ammo box) today.