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IMPOTUS Falsely Asserts There Is A Cure For KATRINA-VIRUS Because IMPOTUS Will Profit From It

Me, me, me, me, me! My greed trumps your need!

Me, me, me, me, me! My greed outweighs your need!

WASHINGTON – Hydroxychloroquine, made by Sanofi, is currently FDA-approved only for conditions including rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and as an anti-malarial agent. Its known side effects range from nausea and hallucinations to potentially FATAL CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIAS. And yet the Greedy Hateful Orange Sack of Thoughtlessness (GHOST) – who has a vested interest in Sanofi – is, not surpisingly, touting it as a cure for the KATRINA-VIRUS. He is asserting this because his own ignorant response to the pandemic has failed catastrophically. He is wrong, and people will die. The IMPOTUS is putting his own personal gain above the health and safety of the blind sheep who are his followers. Sadly, these ignorant Banana Republicans will not keep to themselves and innocent people will also be exposed. If any of us survives, we must “Remember in November!”



What did you expect?

WASHINGTON – The OAF OF OFFICE gave yet ANOTHER briefing regarding his complete and utter failure to handle the national crisis facing us, the KATRINA-VIRUS. As always, he lied about his failings, used false statistics to aggrandize himself, attempted to deflect blame to others, and at the one and only time when national unity would be paramount on any feeling human being’s mind, he went out of his way to divide people based on political ideology. Sadly, the headline was the April Fool’s Day joke and this report is the truth.