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What Goes Around Comes Around

I’ll show you judicial temperament!

WASHINGTON – Well, all but one BANANA REPUBLICAN Senator (Lisa Murkowski of Alaska), including Susan Collins of Maine, along with one turncoat Democrat, Joe Manchin of West Virignia, voted for cloture today, and vowed to vote to confirm the drunken rapist, Brett CAVALIER, to the Supreme Court Of The United States tomorrow. This particular drunken rapist appeared before the Senate Judiciary Coimmittee last week on Thursday, September 27. During his appearance, he threw a temper tantrum and screamed about a conspiracy involving Democats, Clintons, George Soros, the Illuminati and maybe a couple space aliens who were all out to get him because he liked beer. The tone and tenor of his furious rant were only part of the story. The fact that he does not exhibit a judicial temperament is almost irrelevant in light of the fact that he vowed to seek vengeance against his “enemies” (approximately 55% of registered voters) from the bench. In a prepared speech, meaning the sentiment was not formulated in the heat of the moment, he stated explicitly that “What goes around comes around.” This disgusting organism will now serve on the Court for the rest of its life.