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Fuck Your Thoughts, Fuck Your Prayers, And Especially Fuck Your Warmest Condolences

Playing Politics With People’s Lives

SAN JUAN – As The ORANGE PUPPET scolds the Mayor of San Juan here today, it is impossible to separate politics from what is happening in this nation today. While ORANGE TWITLER continued to deny climate change, he also took a little time for some race bashing and misogyny. See, the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, is a woman of Latin descent. Well, that checks two boxes on T. RUMP’s hate list! So, even though Puerto Rico is part of the United States, it is a “Mexican” part so, no relief for them. And that was not even the worst of it this week. In Las Vegas a psychotic gun nut holed up in the Mandalay Bay hotel and used a machine gun to murder 59 and wound another 527 people at a country music concert. And Banana Republicans, whose champion is the OBOE (Orange Bag Of Excrement), did nothing. Just like every other horrible gun massacre, Banana Republicans decided to blame it on mental health issues. Now, recall that they have been trying to forbid people from receiving mental health care for the last seven years. But, when Congresspeople who collect millions of dollars from the NRA were faced with a choice – admit we have a gun problem, or play the mental health card – suddenly, healthcare was not the worst thing in the world. So, fuck this flaccid government response to the real issues of our time. Climate change is making storms more destructive. People of Latin descent are full-fledged human beings, some are citizens of the United States, and they are entitled to the same protections as all other citizens. And gun control should be an issue every single day, especially those days when people are being murdered by machine guns. Nobody ever killed anybody with a “mental health.” And hollow wishes of solace for the victims of gun violence are meaningless. It may not be possible for Banana Republicans to feel remorse or guilt, but it should be our duty to make sure that they feel shame.