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Isn’t this how you salute the flag? I mean the Nazi way…

WASHINGTON – Taking time out from his busy schedule taunting Senators who do not think healthcare should be handed over to a bunch of fat greedy insurors, mocking North Korea because he is too impotent to negotiate with its leader and insulting Puerto Ricans for trusting the Federal Government to protect their protectorate, The OBOE (Orange Bag Of Excrement) took on another new initiative aimed at dividing Americans. While he has praised Nazis (losers), white supremeacists and secessionists (losers) as “very fine people,” he got all up in a lather about Colin Kaepernick and others genuflecting (a sign of reverence in certain spheres) during the DoD sponsored propaganda pageantry which precedes sporting events nowadays. He said that NFL owners should call one of the protesters a “Son of a BITCH” and fire him for exercising his first amendment right to protest. While those kneeling specifically said they were doing it to protest the racial injustice meted out by police on minorities, TWITLER said his hatred and vitriol had nothing to do with race, but was motivated by his love of god and country. Bullshit. The ORANGE VOLCANO OF HATESPEECH couldn’t pick the Stars And Stripes out of a lineup with no other flags present. He couldn’t identify true patriotism to save his life. He believes only in division. He worships his handler Vladimir PUTRID. He despises “foreigners” except for certain Eastern European Mail-Order Brides. He does not want the country unified. If it were possible for him to feel shame, he would resign in disgrace. But alas, although he is a “Son of a BITCH,” he is not our “Son of a BITCH.”