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WASHINGTON – Tired of winning yet? That fat orange shitbag promised. But no. One Hundred days in and we have failure after failure after failure. He FAILED to ban Muslims from entering the country. He FAILED to steal health insurance from twenty-four million people. He FAILED to blackmail the country into building a wall. He FAILED to shut down the government. He FAILED to prevent Russian spies from working in the West Wing. He FAILED to protect women’s rights. He FAILED to protect immigrants’ rights. He FAILED to tell the truth. He FAILED to protect the planet from global warming. He FAILED to rig the tax code to take money from the poor and middle class and give it to the greedy, corruption one percent of the super-wealthy. He FAILED to make peace with any country. The list goes on. But, the fact is, he has brought great shame upon this nation, and he has diminished our stature in the world. Hooray for stolen elections! Hooray for Russian spies! We should just descend into dictatorship and live in a lawless hellhole where privilege is meted out only to the few while everybody else is simply left without any hope. That is how to Make America Great Again!