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Whaaa!  The Election Is Rigged!  Whaaa!

Whaaa! The Election Is Rigged! Whaaa!

WASHINGTON – Talk about sore losers! The election has not even happened yet and the Six-Time Bankrupt Swindler has had to take time out from “grabbing them by the pussy” to whine about a rigged election. That is the kind of leadership that propels nations to greatness! Since T. RUMP is incapable of rational thought, he has latched on the theory that the Entire Nation is out to get him. Maybe he’s right. We here at HighFunction are conspiring to rig the election by getting off our asses and voting! Hope you do the same!

Grab Them By The Pussy

Urban Assault Vehicle

Urban Assault Vehicle

LOS ANGELES – Do tell, “Mr. President!”