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CRISCO Christie: Cheap Little Fixer

And that's how you ensure bipartisan participation!

And that’s how you ensure bipartisan participation!

TRENTON – New Jersey Governor CRISCO Christie held a very, very long-winded press conference here today. Denying he had any advanced knowledge, he nonetheless apologized for allowing The Port Authority to block access lanes to the George Washington Bridge creating massive traffic jams in the town of Ft. Lee during the week of September 9, 2013. Having previously mocked reporters for asking about the political motivation behind the closures, he expressed complete surprise that his own appointees had contrived the entire event with malice aforethought. So, just as Hunter Thompson described TRICKY DICK Nixon, CRISCO is a cheap little fixer. His apology rang hollow and was replete with inconsistencies regarding time, place and person. After emails came to light implicating his deputy Chief of Staff, BRIDGE-OUT Kelly, he terminated her employment without even asking her why she chose to retaliate against the Democratic Mayor of Ft. Lee. So, either he is lying and was involved, or he is a totally incompetent leader. But, either way, he won’t be winning many primaries.